Ishaq Aden-Ali

I’m a masters student supervised by Dr. Hassan Ashtiani in the Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University. I recently completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the same University. My name is pronounced Is-hak.

Research Interests:

I am mainly interested in studying problems at the intersection of theoretical computer science, machine learning and statistics. My current research focuses on questions related to statistical learning theory and distribution learning. In particular, I’m interested in understanding which problems can (or cannot!) be provably solved by algorithms that are both statistically and computationally efficient.

I am also very interested in private data analysis (via differential privacy) and mathematical optimization.


Dec 21, 2020 Our paper on privately learning high-dimensional Gaussians with Hassan and Gautam was accepted to ALT 2021.
Aug 26, 2020 I (virtually) presented our paper at AISTATS 2020.
Jan 6, 2020 Our paper “On the Sample Complexity of Learning Sum-Product Networks” with Hassan was accepted to AISTATS 2020.

Selected publications

  1. ALT
    On the Sample Complexity of Privately Learning Unbounded High-Dimensional Gaussians
    Aden-Ali, I., Ashtiani, H., and Kamath, G.
    International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory, 2020
    On the Sample Complexity of Learning Sum-Product Networks
    Aden-Ali, I., and Ashtiani, H.
    International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 2020